To my loved ones

Dog precis på mitt förra blogginlägg, men här är den!

you reached for me and grabbed my hand
you wanted me saved
from all of her demands

you lifted me up and asked me what i've done
you begged me for an answer
but i had none

I hid my secrets deep within my heart
and felt so lucky
for keeping you apart

so damn easy for control and mind to hide
and so far away
for anyone to find

the eternal longing for pure perfection
left me defeated with body obsession

a thousand lies in a thousand places
secret dreads for all embraces

starving faries dance in early dawn
dance in my dreams and dance in my soul

bones are treasures
precious like life
precious like air
i wish you wouldn't dare to care

ninety five broken pounds in your fair arms
and i knew i was to blame
for all of your harms

a teardrop u
pon your left blushing cheek
never in my life
i ever felt so weak

You wondered how the world would ever allow
and I wondered how you had the strength to lift me up
right now

Postat av: Ellinor

du skriver fint.

igenkänningsfaktor hög.


2012-01-26 @ 22:56:27

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